Policy analysis

I support public sector organisations at different stages of the policy cycle:

before policy is designed, by exploring and developing options

before policy is finalized, by estimating the likely impacts of selected options

during policy implementation, by developing monitoring tools, guidance and training

during and after policy implementation, by evaluating process and impact

I work with the European Commission's Better Regulation guidelines and the UK's guidance on evaluations (Magenta book). I also use innovative methods for complex evaluations and state of the art policy analysis frameworks.


I have led the EU and UK food and regulatory policy work at international consultancy ICF for 4 and half years.

I am a Fellow of CECAN (the Centre for Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus), which promotes innovative policy evaluation approaches in the UK.

I have led and contributed to policy evaluations and impact assessments. I have conducted and coordinated pan-EU surveys, pan-EU interview campaigns, focus groups, case studies, comparative studies, field visits, webinars.

Selected projects

  • Feasibility study for a monitoring system on reformulation initiatives for salt, sugars, and fat - Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Project manager)

  • Study to support the evaluation of the animal welfare strategy 2012-2015 - European Commission DG SANTE (Project director)

  • Study to support the retrospective evaluation of legislation related to the irradiation of food and food ingredients - European Commission DG SANTE (Project manager)

  • Barriers to and enablers of the reporting of intelligence regarding food crime - Food Standards Agency (Project director)

  • Preparatory work for the future evaluation of the Regulating our Future programme - Food Standards Agency and CECAN (Project director)

  • Study to support the impact assessment of an initiative to limit industrial trans fats intakes in the EU - European Commission DG SANTE (Project manager)

  • Reputation barometer - 3 studies on behalf of the European Food Safety Authority (Project director)

  • Post-implementation study of Remedial Action Notices and their contribution to the enforcement of food hygiene regulations - Food Standards Agency (Project director)